Screen Repair Services

The vast majority of mobile devices in production today use glass on their outer layer. Even though this glass is the toughest glass used on mobile devices, it is still prone to cracking and breaking when falling onto a hard surface.

At Tech Bar we replace the whole panel of broken glass and use high-quality parts, to ensure it looks like it did when it came out of the factory.

Most screen repairs are done using cheap replacement screens, which may work in the short term but you’ll always notice problems with the touch screen and pressure-sensitive touches. We make sure all of your devices come in broken but go out better then ever. At Tech Bar all our repairs use high-quality parts and carry a 3-month warranty.

Only high-quality Parts Used

Our repairs and replacement parts will last the life of the phone. We only use genuine parts in our repairs. All our repairs come with a 3 month warranty.

3 Months Peace of Mind Warranty

3 months worry-free warranty on everything except batteries and consumables
Here at Tech Bar, we pride our selves on being able to help you so outside of the 30 days, if your item develops a fault through no fault of your own, we will repair or replace the item