Professional Device Repair Technicians

Anti Abuse Policy

Our team does great work, we provide nice premises, the lowest rates around, lots of goodwill and a good service. Despite that, occasionally a customer may feel unhappy with our service for whatever reason. Reasons could be:

  • We didn’t answer the phone as the team were doing repairs
  • The customer doesn’t like our fun phone system (most love it btw)
  • The customer believes we should fix an unrelated issue for free as we did a different repair 6 months ago
  • The customer believes we should fix their phone for free as they only dropped it “from a few feet”
  • The customer just doesn’t like my face – hey I don’t like my own face most the time, so that’s understandable
  • A part is lost or delayed by a supplier, or courier

We make mistakes – everyone does, but our team are trained and encouraged to own their mistakes – we have a budget specifically for this. Where a mistake has been made, or a part is faulty, we will endeavour to resolve it as quickly as possible. We have loan phones to reduce inconvenience during this time.

If you’re respectful to us, we will be the most attentive, apologetic team and will bend over backwards to help you, even if it’s out of warranty. If you decide to be abusive to our team, you will be issued a warning and asked to behave in a respectful manner. If you continue to abuse our team, you will be refused service and barred from our premises. We have dual redundant CCTV systems, plus a separate system filming all repairs. To proceed with a transaction, you would need to send your correspondence via letter (to either of our addresses) or email [email protected]

This policy does not affect your statutory rights, but we reserve the right of entry to our premises and our team have full authority to handle abuse in a manner inline with this policy.

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