Console Repair

Affordable repairs for all game consoles are just a click away with The Tech Bar. Our repair service is renowned for its high quality and competitive prices. We can help you get your console running again so that you can get back to your gaming! Whether it’s a Playstation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch or any other popular machine, our technicians have the experience and skill to fix your console and keep it working like new. Fast, friendly service is what we pride ourselves on and guarantee every customer will be satisfied with the results!

Only Highest-Quality Parts Used

We make sure to use the highest quality parts while making sure they don't cost an arm and a leg we also make sure your devices also look and feel as if they were brand-new

3 months worry-free warranty on everything except batteries and consumables

Here at Tech Bar, we pride our selves on being able to help you so outside of the 30 days, if your item develops a fault through no fault of your own, we will repair or replace the item

Need a quote?

Here at Tech Bar We give you a price tailored specially for your repair so that you only pay for the time it takes.